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Practical Advice and Hands-On Projects for the Self-Sufficient Family

Families wanting to deepen their connection to one another and to the land will find the inspiration and guidance they are looking for in Family Homesteading. 

Filled with practical advice and hands-on projects, Family Homesteading is a guide to a simpler life, one that integrates children into the daily work of creating a sustainable homestead.

From gardening and cooking, to herbalism and natural crafts, Family Homesteading shares stories and DIY recipes and projects that will deepen relationships and build self-sufficiency skills.

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Perfect for families or anyone working with or raising kids, readers will learn how to involve children in dozens of homesteading projects. Learn how to:

  • Forage for wild foods
  • Stock an herbal medicine cabinet
  • Craft beeswax candles
  • Make yogurt
  • Grow veggies from table scraps
  • Raise chickens
  • Grow a pollinator garden
  • Make natural dyes out of plants
  • Tie basic knots
  • And so much more!

…”this book is chock full of projects and profiles that inspire, inform, and most of all, ensure that your homesteading and parenting path is full of laughter and learning.” – Ben Hewitt, Author, The Nourishing Homestead


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Meet Teri

Hello! I’m Teri Page, a homesteader, author, and mama of two.

I started down this homesteading path long before I had children, and happily continued to sink my hands into the soil alongside my growing kids.

My passion is to share the homesteading lifestyle in a way that is inspirational, joyful, and accessible for your unique life. Family Homesteading is equal parts how-to and you-can-do-it! I share stories from my own life, and from the life of other amazing homesteaders, alongside kid-friendly projects and recipes from our working homestead.

Above all, Family Homesteading is about connection – with nature, with the seasons, and with each other.

Praise for Family Homesteading

In this comprehensive guide to homesteading with children, Teri Page covers all the bases with topics like cooking, gardening, foraging, fermenting, and even herbal wellness. She gives us knowledgeable and practical guidance in this well thought out resource, including recipes, tips, and advice from other experienced homesteaders. This is a book that I will be recommending to all of my friends who have families of their own, whether they are already homesteading or simply homestead dreaming!”
Colleen Codekas
Author of Healing Herbal Infusions
In her book, Family Homesteading, Teri Page shares valuable details of her own family’s homesteading efforts, highlighting the many aspects of a rustic lifestyle that children, especially, love to embrace. The profiles of other families embracing the homestead life are inspiring as well, but this book is much bigger than a ‘how to homestead with kids’ guide. Delving into the instructions and recipes included in this book is a great starting point for getting back to traditional living — with the whole family. Most importantly, though, the book gives readers a sense of the satisfaction that comes from a life grounded in natural rhythms.
Kris Bordessa
What a fresh and much-needed book! I'm so glad Teri is sharing her wisdom about homesteading with children and as a family. New moms often ask me, 'How am I supposed to get anything done?'. You'll find everything you need to know in the pages of this book.
Amy Stross
Author of The Suburban Micro-Farm and owner of
I'm not sure I can express clearly how valuable I think Family Homesteading is going to be for families everywhere! I've always loved Teri's writing and the topics she chooses to discourse on - she somehow always seems to know exactly what topic I need her to write a book on. Family Homesteading has filled a void in homesteading literature, namely an explanation of how do we do all this homestead-y stuff WITH families?! In Family Homesteading,Teri moves throughout the year seasonally, offering instruction, projects and plans for the whole family to work through as we build our homesteads. From homeschooling to gardening to livestock, every question we've had about how to best grow our family and our homestead at the same time will be answered. The homesteading journey is one we must take as a family and Family Homesteading will help us do just that. After all, we don't call it home-steading for nothing!
Tessa Zundel